Grades 9-12: IN-HOME Learning Resources

  • 9-12 English Language Arts & Reading

  • 9-12 Mathematics

  • 9-12 Science

  • 9-12 Social Studies

  • 9-12 Speech

  • 9-12 Theatre Arts

  • Art

  • Band, Choir, and Orchestra

  • CTE: Career & Technical Education

  • Computer Science

  • Dance and Drill Teams

  • LOTE: Languages other than English

  • Physical Education

Technology Apps

  • Coding

    Tynker Learn coding, make websites, & create apps

    STEMcoding Learn about coding, video games, and science

    CodeHS Learn Programming Languages

    Code Combat Games that make learning to code engaging

    BreakoutEDU Coding activities to do at home

    Scratch Creative way to learn coding everything about coding

    KhanAcademy Hour of Code activities

    Edabit You already know the basics of coding, but want to learn a new programming language?  Here you can learn C#, C++, Java, Java Script, PHP, Phython, Ruby, Swift, etc. 

    NICERC Capture the Flag Capture the Flag competitions are used to train on encryption, hacking, or overall cybersecurity

    Girls Go Cyberstart Cybersecurity competition for high school girls. Contact your computer science teacher if interested. 


    Game Programming

    GameFroot Create your own game site

    Piskel Create original sprites to upload into Scratch,, Tynker, etc. 

    CodingGame Learn how to apply coding skills to game programming



    Graphic Design

    Adobe Creative Cloud There is a tool for all of your creative digital projects, including Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Premier Pro, Illustrator, etc. 

    KhanAcademy Introduction to JavaScript: Drawing and Animation

    KhanAcademy Computer Animation Pixar in a Box


    Web Design

    Tynker Learn how to make websites 

    CodeHS Learn about web design

    AdobeSpark Create stunning websites and other visuals

    KhanAcademy Hour of Code Drawing, Webpages, Databases


    Digital Citizenship

    CommonSenseMedia Essential Digital Citizenship lessons