• Instructional Setting & Services

    Instructional Arrangements

    The Fabens Independent School District has the following instructional arrangements and services available to eligible students. 

    • Early Childhood Special Education

    Services are provided for young children who have a disability (birth-5 years of age) and who need instruction in developing language, socialization skills, motor-development, and self-help skills or any other educational services as identified as part of the child's area(s) of need.

    • Living Skills

    This program is designed for students who make better progress in a class with a smaller number of children than in the regular classroom. The emphasis is on skills for independent living. Students are served in a self-contained setting. 

    • Behavior Units 

    This program is for children with disabilities who are unable to progress in the regular classroom because of severe emotional and/or severe behavioral problems.  This unit operates on a self-contained basis.

    • Homebound

    This program serves students with disabilities who are unable to attend classes due to health impairments which prohibit their attendance at school.

    • Inclusion

    Inclusion offers students in special education the opportunity to receive special education aids and services in the general education setting.  In this setting, special education aids and services are offered to students in the regular education, rather than students having leave their classroom for Specialized Support or other support settings.

    • Specialized Support

    Specialized Support classes serve students with disabilities in academic areas where they are having problems making progress.  Students spend the remainder of their day in the regular classroom. Specialized support classes can also be self-contained at the elementary and intermediate campuses that serve students with disabilities with significant academic delays in all areas. The students may be mainstreamed for various classes.

    • Vocational Academic Program (VAP)

    This program is for high school students with disabilities who would benefit from the job-related experience.  Emphasis is on employment skills and academic skills.  The students may be mainstreamed for various classes. 

    • Speech Therapy

    Speech therapy is provided for students with speech impairments who need assistance in developing communication skills or in the correct production of speech sounds.

    In addition to providing the above instructional arrangements for special education students, the district also provides the following services to eligible students:

    Visually Impairment Services

    Extended School Year Services

    Physical Therapy

    Personal Care Services

    In-Home Training

    Adaptive/Assistive Devices

    Occupational Therapy

    Psychological Assessment Services

    Assistive Technology Evaluations

    Auditory Impairment Services

    Community-Based Instruction

    Adaptive PE (modified methodology)


    Extended Educational Programming


    Nursing Services

    Play-based Assessments

    Job Coaching


    *  Your child’s classroom teacher(s);

    *  Your building administrator(s);

    *  Your campus Special Education Diagnostician/Speech Therapist;

    *  Related Service Personnel;

    *  Executive Director of Special Programs