• During this time of school closure, remember that we have google classroom available as a resource.

    Here is a great link video for beginners. 


    Expanding access to premium Meet features

    Hangouts Meet is making premium Meet features available at no additional cost to your G Suite for Education domain, fabensisd.net. The following premium Meet features will be rolled out immediately, and you'll have access to them until July 1, 2020:

    Here you can create remote meetings and invite others, even if they are not part of our organization. You can invite anyone via email. 

    The other way it can be used: A meeting session can be created, started, and recorded without inviting anyone and it will save a copy in your Google Drive that can be shared and forwarded to your students or teachers. 

    Here is a great video link to get you started:


    If you have additional questions please contact the FISD Technology Department (915) 765-2670.